Morning Coffee, Work Loads

Hi dearest readers in the world! This day is a very busy day for me, so let me introduce you to my morning routine. Anyways, I don't have time for another photo shoot with a friend since he invited me to do one Yesterday because yours truly is sick and I feel so sleepy, but don't you worry my dearest I am fine now, all I have to is to take more water and a little rest so I've decided to finish all my work this morning and give time to take a nap after lunch. (If ever)

Look at my table this morning. It's such a mess haha! I really need to fix things.

Starting my day with a cup of coffee even though I did ate my breakfast this morning. It's all I need to keep myself awake and be in focus. I'm still in love with that Pooh print.

I take a quick sip of my coffee while staring at my computer wondering which one should be the first work to be done. :-) This day is going fine, I know. 

I hope you guys have a nice day ahead! God bless and keep yourselves focus in what you do. Take care!




  1. I hope you feel better soon! Take care of yourself :)

    I am a coffee drinker in the morning as well. A nice hot cup wakes me up for work.

    1. Thank you sooo much Chrissie, good to hear from you. :-)
      Yeah coffee is great. Take care too.

  2. Following back darling!! ;-)


    1. Thanks for following back Pat :-)

  3. really nice post, hope you are having a great day as well:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  4. hello! it's very nice to "meet" you, if you can call it that :) you seem like a really sweet person and it's even better that you are a sister in Christ :) i look forward to following you!

    1. THank you sooo much Kylie. And yes, we're sisters in Christ. :-) Good to hear from you.
      Keep in touch.


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