I miss this!

Happy Monday my Amazing readers. I was just in a very lonely mood this day but I don't know why. I scanned all my saved photos and luckily I found these things I am surely missing nowadays.

Morning Skies. It is really good to take a short walk in the morning while having this blue skies. I usually go to work as early as I can so I won't get late and I can't afford to take even a little photo in the way to office because for now, I live in a place where transportation is easy. 

 Flowers. I seldom see fresh and pretty flowers. (Now that I rent a home, we don't have any flowering plants there.)

Sparkling sunset with this powerful tamarind tree. (It's beside the house where I formerly lived.)

Really amazing! Isn't it?

This cute little kitten reminds me of everything cute about living life. Just simple and innocent. I am really fond of kittens and cat. I wish I can make them stay in my place right now. They are so cute and cuddly, makes me forget things I am thinking about.

I'll be happy soon, I know.


  1. aww the cat is so cute, great photos!!- -Total denim look on my blog http://urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Danika :-) Sure got to check it out dear!

  2. Great photos! The kitten is so cute! I want him so bad! :)

    1. Thanks Sanya, Me too and that's why I miss this cute kitten.

  3. Awww, those sunset/sunrise pictures are good. I also love taking photo's like that. And I also LOVE LOVE cats/kittens. They are sooooo cute! :D
    Thank you for the follow, now following you back :) xx


    1. Thanks Lily and yes kittens are cute :-) Thanks for following back. Keep in touch.
      Hope you have A GREAT DAY.


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