Green Cat Shirt In Doors

Good day my pretty and handsome readers, today is Friday and I am really much excited again for weekend. (Because uhm, you know I can stay as much as I want in my room, sleep in, eat and have fun!) I wasn't able to post it this morning due to some Internet Connection but now, I am going to show you this little cute shirt I bought Yesterday with my friend. 

I am totally loving gray nowadays so forgive me for adding it to a blue green color. ( I like it though). I also partnered my gray flat shoes here. I wear and walk with them comfortably. And I guess I have to try a new hair color (big grin)

Well, this door is really cool so I got to take some photos here! See that?  Yes sir, it's already my time to work, see ya' later.

I wish I had longer legs. ( but I want to stay like this! hahah,.. small, short and funny all the time) here comes the van again and again.

Cheers for Friday my lovely readers! See you again tomorrow...


  1. I wish i had longer legs too hahah !!Visit http://urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.com and check my new post!!

  2. This shirt is very cute!

  3. Cute Cute Cute! :) I love it! You're so pretty! Completely jealous...

    1. Oh, thanks a lot Sanya. You're pretty too and amazing!

    2. Hahah! Zane, how do you know I'm pretty! lol You've never seen my picture!

    3. Haha, if you let me see you I can sense it :-)


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