Cool Nokia Lumia 820 in Abenson

Hello my dear readers, there is something new from Nokia that I want you to check out. Here's Nokia Lumia 820. It is powered by Windows 8, with a really colorful shells, allows you to capture your city differently and for us bloggers it is really good to take series of photos in just a single click. For its full features, you may visit Nokia.

Have you guys check it already in one of the biggest appliance store here in our country? Ok, I am talking about Abenson Appliance Store. In Abenson they offer some Installment deals thru credit cards with zero % interest on all major credit cards. How perfect is that? It's really amazing that you can just grab your favorite gadgets there. So guys, check Abenson Appliance Store now and see the latest promos!

Hurry up now and get some exciting freebies too!

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