Busy Days

Hello there my lovely readers! Missed me? I missed you too! Yesterday, I wasn't able to post due to some busy times at my work and everything. I am so tired and yet I forgot this blog of mine. Anyways, I'm here to show you what I did and what's inside my day Yesterday. It's filled of paper works, and many things I could not figure out.

 My messy table full of papers, dried rose, tumbler, mug and my everyday task. Oh, I have my speaker too. I just can't work without MUSIC and Water :-)

 Just a glass of milk, a burger and an apple for supper. I was really tired and got lazy to go for take out. (Some fast foods are away from my place.)

I still have my Book and notebook. I usually read at night while I take a rest. (That's my kind of rest.)

At the office Yesterday with my H&M shirt. I will give you the details in my next next post.

Wish you a great great day guys!



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    1. Welcome Naomi, and thanks too for following back :-)

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  4. Nice photos, have a great weekend!! --Total white on my blog http://urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Danika, Hope you'll have a great weekend too!


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