Smiley Vain

Hi my sweetie readers! I love love taking pictures and last Sunday I had a great time having my "vain time". I usually do this when I am in the mood of smiling in front of the camera. I can tell you that I always do this during my spare time :-) Ok, here's the proof.

 Before I capture anything, especially my face, I always do a little experiment like wearing this black eyeliner that emphasizes the brownish shade of my eyes, a little face powder and a lip gloss can brighten up the whole thing.

Got that bronze nail colors too! I don't like having a long fingernails since I was younger. I am not comfortable of it. My friends usually laugh at me (especially the gay ones) because  I kinda cut my nails just a very few length enough to cut the skin of my fingers. :-) They told me I am not a lady-like type.

I just did bullied my younger sister to take this photo and she really want it haha! I was so happy. This photo was in front of our sawali house.

I love love FLOWERS.

White and Red Gumamela! Love the loop earrings I'm wearing here. Just simple yet so classic.

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