BAdminton Schedule this Friday

Hi my pretty readers! I am so much excited for this coming Friday because a friend and a former classmate is inviting me to play badminton. How cool is that isn't it? I miss the bonding we had way back in college and I really appreciate that she invites me for a simple game that I really like. We also had a badminton game last week and unfortunately I got muscle pain due to lack of warm-up hahaha! I can't believe I did that to myself and now I am still suffering from it. 

And Oh, I forgot to mention how I really miss this site. I mean this blog of mine because for the past couple of weeks I am too busy for other activities that I forgot to update. Anyways, I am back for more in here and I'll be more updating. Absolutely. Well then, you can also visit my other sites for more!

See you guys! Don't forget to follow me and I'll follow you back! 



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