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FASHIONMIA: Gorgeous Dresses Wherever You Go!

I can't believe it's only few days before I head out to Boracay again. Yes. I love Boracay and I have finally booked two travels this year for it. That's how I am obsessed with the white beach, foods and activities there. The first travel is going to be perfect to spend my summer vacation while the second one is going to be a fun bonding with my cousin and friends. Before I go there, I want to make sure that I will be packing some gorgeous dresses and I have checked out FashionMia for fashionable dresses ideas and inspirations.

If you haven't heard of them, you should go and check the website because they sell a lot of fashionable dresses especially Evening Dresses. I want to bring some dresses that I can wear at night when me and my friends go to a dinner or party near the beach. Before we go on about those party dresses, I also like to share that I will be attending an evening event soon and I need some dresses that can be perfect for it. When it comes to choosing an evening dress for an event, I am very specific with colors. You can't go wrong with shimmering powder black, blue or red. I have found some dresses inspirations and here it is.


LovelyBeards: Grow It Smooth and Healthy!

I can't believe we're in the half month of April and there were a lot of things happened! This month is the start of my travels and I am super excited to explore different places again. I just wish that I can spend some time with my loved ones on those travels but it's a no. I need to travel alone and experience new things all by myself. Let's go on to our main topic today because we are going to talk more about men and their beards. Yes, you read it right. Beards.



Hello, April!

So I went to my hometown last week and we have celebrated my grandmother's 86th birthday. I just want to let you guys know that I am so thankful because we still have this opportunity to have a small get-together party with some of our relatives living from the other barangay.


ToSave: I Love Pink

It's summer time soon! I just got back from a short vacation last weekend but I had so much fun. I went to Marinduque to visit my grandmother and throw a small birthday party for her. Some of our relatives who live there also came with their children. I did prepared some foods and decorations and hopefully it will be posted here this coming weekend. (Sorry I am currently dealing with too much work but I promise you that there will more upcoming posts!)

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