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ToSave: Gold and Black

Cheers to another long overdue post! I have received this cute dress from and my plan was to bring this to my trip to Vietnam but, I just realized that we're going to a colder place (which is Da Lat) and I need to bring something thick. So change plans, I will be bringing this to another beach trip next week.


Holy-Grail Makeup Products Every AU Beauty Blogger Swears By

The days of hits and misses when it comes to shopping for beauty products are, thankfully, behind us. The Digital Age brought along numerous perks, and beauty bloggers and vloggers are one of them. Instead of taking advice from salespeople flattering us into buying a certain product, we are now graced with honest and unbiased advice from the girls who have tried it all.
There is a good reason these girls wear the ‘influencer’ title. They have millions of girls following them and taking beauty tips and recommendations they so generously share. We trust them because they don’t shy away from calling a spade a spade; if they hate a product they will say it loud and clear. So, if you feel that your makeup case is lacking in quality, take a page from these girls’ beauty books, because these gals know their stuff.



I Lost My Cat (One of the saddest days of my life!)

This post is going to be a little bit personal but I just want to share how I feel right now. You can say things against me or judge me because of the title of this post.


Our Stay at Hennan Regency Resort and Spa

Hi there! This is going to be the continuation of my previous post. So I have already shared that we went to Boracay for our summer vacation and I thought it will be good to share where we stayed during those fun and relaxing days.



I have been wanting something for my birthday but, I wasn't able to get it because of my priorities. Now that there is an opportunity for me to have it, I am so thankful and I feel happy about it. Want to know more about what I am talking here? Find out more about my wishlist.
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