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Althea Korea Velvet Petal Powder Review

I know this post is late but it's better late than never, right? So I got this Althea Velvet Petal Powder a few weeks ago and already posted a video on how I apply it on my Youtube Channel but due to busy schedules at work, the post came out late. (That's today!)


Melissa Bolona: Why You Need To Follow Her On Instagram

Melissa Bolona is more than just an Actress.  Melissa Bolona is also a writer, model, and a philanthropist, not to mention being one of the most interesting personalities on social media.  You can read about her movies by going to the Melissa Bolona IMDb page, but that will only tell you part of the story.  To really keep up with the latest developments in her career, follow the Melissa Bolona Instagram page.


YOINS: Stylish Women's Tops and Cute Crop Tops

Are you familiar with Yoins? If not, let me tell you something about them. If you're into stylish tops and cute crop tops, you can check this online store and find more amazing fashion pieces there!


Banggood: Sailor Moon Bag Wishlist Come True!

So, few weeks ago you may have seen the post about a wishlist including this cute sailor moon bag and guess what? has made my dream come true! They sent me this cute sailor moon bag and now, I always carry it whenever I go out. 


DRESSLILY: What's on My Wishlist?

I have been writing my wishlist on this blog whenever I check my things and realize that I need something new. I just found out that I need several things that you can see at Dresslily. It is an online store where they sell different fashion items including dresses, shoes and accessories. I seldom go out and shop because now that I am older I have learned on how to handle my priorities.

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