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Someone Blocked me on Facebook!

This post is not the post that you might think it is. I am posting this not to humiliate anyone but I just want to share something.


Life Updates: 27th Birthday!

So many things happened during the past few weeks! I went to Boracay and then after that, I went to my grandmother's place to celebrate my 27th birthday. Yes, I am getting older haha! Well, I stopped aging when I was 16 so it doesn't matter.



Summer Adventures With Inflatables

I still have the separation anxiety from my previous beach vacation. I had some fun. There is one person whom I get to spend a week for once a year and it's difficult for me to get back to my normal life after our vacation together. Summer is fun. It should be fun and no matter what happens, we should always find something that can make us happy. Whether you'll travel or choose to stay at home this summer, it's not an excuse for you to have some fun with your family or friends who live nearby.

I have an idea and hopefully you'll find it amazing. So the past few weeks, I have heard about the inflatable island in Subic which is a well-known summer destination now here in the Philippines. Earlier this week, another inflatable water park has opened in Batangas. If you can't travel this summer and you prefer to stay at home but you really wanted to experience it, get something that'll make you experience it.


MUBRIDAL.COM.AU: Gorgeous Bridesmaids Dresses Fit Perfectly For Your Girls!

Purple Natural Zipper-up Chic & Modern A-line Pleats Floor-Length Off-the-Shoulder Dress (130645325)

Only few months away and one of my good friends is going to get married. Time flies so fast and I can't believe people same as my age are now deciding something serious. Oh life! I don't feel like I am old enough to do these kinds of things. Alright, let's talk about weddings.


AVG: Keep Your Work and Personal Devices Protected!

It's summer time! I am currently on a vacation with my favorite person, yet I need to do a lot of work because you know, being an adult is just too difficult to live with... sometimes! So I brought some of my work devices with me 

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