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YOINS: Stylish Women's Tops and Cute Crop Tops

Are you familiar with Yoins? If not, let me tell you something about them. If you're into stylish tops and cute crop tops, you can check this online store and find more amazing fashion pieces there!


Banggood: Sailor Moon Bag Wishlist Come True!

So, few weeks ago you may have seen the post about a wishlist including this cute sailor moon bag and guess what? has made my dream come true! They sent me this cute sailor moon bag and now, I always carry it whenever I go out. 


DRESSLILY: What's on My Wishlist?

I have been writing my wishlist on this blog whenever I check my things and realize that I need something new. I just found out that I need several things that you can see at Dresslily. It is an online store where they sell different fashion items including dresses, shoes and accessories. I seldom go out and shop because now that I am older I have learned on how to handle my priorities.



Vietnam Travels: Da Lat Flower Park, Temples and Pagodas

Da Lat is one of the most amazing places that I have visited. The time travel is a little bit longer because it took us eight hours before we arrive but it was all worth it. Next time you visit Vietnam, you should add Da Lat on your bucket list!


Hair Care: What are the best hair products for your hair type?


Hair is said to be our crowning glory and it is our responsibility to take good care of it. You can change your hairstyle or hair color in any way you like but using some products can possibly cause some damages on it. Way back when I was still working in an office for different companies, I always change the color of my hair and I suddenly realized that I am doing such damages to break it. What I did was stopped changing colors of it, back to my main root color and make sure that I use the right hair care products for it.

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