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SASSYMYPROM: Lovely Dresses Perfect For Your Upcoming Prom!

I know it's a but early to think about prom but, I was just looking at my previous posts and I thought I want to share something about prom dresses. Here in the Philippines, February is the month for prom. Since it's November and some of you might be looking for something to wear for prom, I have a recommendation.


Exclusive Access to MFW 2018 Just For You!

 Photo Credit: Ahmad Ardity

With the New York runways kicking off a series of international fashion weeks, including Milan in late September, luxury travel specialists Zicasso have turned their eyes to blend high fashion and exclusivity to showcase the best of luxury Italian style, custom-tailoring an exclusive 10-day Italy in Vogue tour that offers exclusive access to Milan Fashion Week.

Showcasing some of the most iconic works of Italian fashion houses specializing in everything from haute couture to fine jewelry, this tour explores the fashion realms of Armani, Fendi, Ferragamo, Prada and the famed jeweler Bulgari in Milan, Florence, Tuscany, and Rome. Go behind the scenes of the world of Italian fashion and style, and get unparalleled access to world-renowned luxury couturiers and their exclusive collections.


YOINS: Are You Ready to Update Your Wardrobe this Fall?

Alright, I know we do not have a fall season here in the Philippines but ber-months is a little colder than most of the months so it's time to update your wardrobe, ladies! We have two options here. If you feel like you still want to wear something comfortable and you don't feel cold at all, you can shop for stylish tops on Yoins. I know, I already recommend it on my previous posts but because I found so many great deals and stylish clothes on their website, I thought it will be best to recommend it again if you feel like shopping for more!


How to Look Killer with Minimum Makeup

The world has gone berserk for the natural look boasted by many a gorgeous model in this year’s fashion shows, and for a few excellent reasons. It’s the dawn of a new era, one that emphasizes the value of your untamed beauty, and that represents a shift towards planet-friendly solutions. Think organic skincare, all-natural sunscreen and cruelty-free makeup in the colors of the Earth.


10 Fashion Tips and Tricks to Change Your Life

Fashion is everywhere. Whether you are a big advocate of it or just simply wearing clothes, you are using fashion on a daily basis. Trends come and go, but cool black dresses, tight jeans that praise your figure and dressing according to your body shape will always be right. The following fashion tips will never go out of style. 

You may think that you have built your own image and even have a fashion icon or two, but is your fashion sense really doing you justice?

Well, here are 10 fashion tips and tricks that will change your life.

Blog by Zane Saria